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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Starcraft 2

The much anticipated game of the year was released not too long ago. I myself am a dedicated player of SC2 and I've got to say it's a huge improvement. Blizzard changed many of the concepts but kept a lot the same as well, so that SC1 players wouldn't be completely lost. Blizzard changed some hot keys and at the same time left some the same. Many new units and strategies are being created and implemented by vet players and noobies alike. Not to mention Blizzard went over the top in graphics, I personally have to play on low just so I don't lag out in the loading screen - ouch. With all of SC2's great improvements there is one thing Blizzard failed to put in which I think everyone can agree on. Replays. What the hell happened with the replays? I remember in SC1 I could show my replays to anyone I damn well pleased, but now no one can view it but myself. Pretty lame. Hopefully they'll come out with a patch which lets you and friends view epic replays of legendary battles. If not, shame on you Blizzard, shame on you. Either way SC2 has been the topic of blogs all across the world-wide web. I myself believe Blizzard did the right thing with having everything online, that way they can add new shit whenever they pleased. Another great concept in SC2 is the new chat system. Oh buddy, when I saw that I could barely contain myself. It's like a built in MSN, I love it. You can even add people from facebook which I think is really cool, not to mention useful and convenient. Excellent game all around, and it'll keep all us Blizzard lovers busy until Diablo III comes out. Thumbs up for SC2.

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