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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gun Review - Mosin Nagant

     For those of you who arent as into guns as I am, today I am going to be reviewing the Mosin Nagant. You may be asking yourself, now just what is a Mosin Nagant? A Mosin Nagant is a high-powered sniper rifle (basically) that was manufactured during WWII. Most of them were built in Russia sometime around WWII, and apparently they overstocked...a lot. Now you can find them at any gun shop via Dunhams or Cabellas, or whereever the hell you go to buy your guns, if you do at all that is.

                                                      These guns are extremely affordable and are very accurate, usually. But usually you can find a Mosin for around 100-200 bucks, not too bad considering most rifles like the AK-47 are around 500-600 for a decent one. Most Mosin's can carry 5 total rounds, 4 in the clip, 1 in the chamber. The Mosin has the kick of about a shotgun, maybe a little less actually. Mine Specfically can fire over 2000 feet which is pretty good.

                                                                            So, if you're interested in buying a cheap rifle with damn good accuracy, I would have to suggest the Majestic Mosin.

Oh, did I mention it has a bayonet? Fabulous.


Thank you.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Game Review - Mafia II

So the new Mafia game has been released not too long ago. It's your typical GTA/Saints Row game where you go around doing things you would never do in reality, well, unless you were in the Mafia I guess. Anyway I've got to say, im pretty fucking disapointed in this game. For 60 bucks I'd say it wasnt really worth it. Not to mention the poor customer service I received, but thats something different entirely.

On to the disapointments:


For a fairly-new game, I was expecting something a little better for fighting. Hell, I liked Godfather II's fighting way better, or even Assasin's Creed. But in Mafia 2 the fighting consists of dodge, 3 light punches, 2 hard punches, and then finishes. (And what they consider countering). So basically DODGE, PUNCH PUNCH, DODGE, PUNCH PUNCH. Lame. Very disapointed in the developer's choice of fighting. I wish more games could be like San Andreas where you can go to different martial arts facilities and train and do cool kicks and shit. Much better alternative than DODGE, PUNCH PUNCH.

Possibly the lamest concept. If a guy runs from you, it is extremely difficult to chase him down and beat him up. Actually, I found this to be impossible. And get this, if you hit a lady the cops immediately come and beat the fuck out of you. That's the 50's for you.  Although, I will say citizens have good conversations, city life is pretty hyped up, especially night life.

=**Map, terrain, etc**=

The map is considerably large, probably nothing compared to say...Oblivion, but few games do measure up to map sizes that large. Except maybe Morrowind...anyway, off topic. So the terrain is also good, and a lot of things are destructable which is very cool. In some cases you may shoot through walls and windows, etc.


You can't buy houses in the game. As you go up the Mafia rank you get better and better places to live. The things you can do in the house are limited though. You may turn on the radio, go to sleep, turn lights on and off, turn on the faucet, open the window, flush the toilet, etc. You may also go into the fridge and have a choice of cola, beer, or sandwhiches. You can open up your closet and change you clothes, oh and I forgot you can also turn on your shower. I think the beverages and food mix up a bit, not totally sure though.


Basically the same in any other GTA-like-game.

=**Story Line**=

Those of you who like a good story line, this game is for you. Although it's a typical mob type scene. I could predict a lot of the things that would happen, but I really did enjoy the story line. The game starts out in winter where you come back from the war in Italy where you were stationed, fighting Germans. (SPOILER ALERT) You actually get to play in the war as a soldier for a while, kill a few nazis, ya know. The usual. I thought this was pretty cool.(SPOILER ALERT OVER) Some nice christmas music when you come back from the war, winter time. Eventually winter ends after a few things that I will not mention due to more spoiler alerts.

The game could be A LOT better than it turned out, but it isnt entirely terrible. There are some good concepts in it, it only depends on which concepts you like best.


Thank you.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Movie Review: Neverwas

So I was recently skimming through Netflix and realized, damn, there's shit for movies on this fucking thing. But then I found this incredible movie called Neverwas. At first glance it may look like a typical kid movie about fairies and unicorns, but never judge a movie by its cover. This movie was absolutely stunning in nearly every way.
It tells the tale of a son who's father wrote a book about him. His father had a number of mental illness's and eventually was administered into a mental facility. Shortly after being released, his father couldn't bare the depression, and committed suicide. Several years later the son Zackery, who prefers to go by Riley, comes back to the mental institute a well educated psychiatrist who is looking for answers to his past. Riley meets a patient named Gabriel at the hospital who had been in and out of mental hospitals for 40 years, and had been mute for that entire time. But one day Gabriel uttered 4 words, "I knew it was you!" and then ran off. From there the movie really takes off into an interesting twist, and an explosive ending. 5 stars from me!

If you love mystery movies, this is the movie for you.

Aaron Eckhart
Ian McKellen (GANDALF)
Brittany Murphy

=**Directed By**=
Joshua Michael Stern

This has been a BigMc review, thank you for viewing.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guns Dont Kill People - People Kill People, With Guns!

Besides the insane title and probably even crazier picture I have a very real discussion to...discuss. I've been watching a lot of Stossel lately, and for those of you who don't know him, he's a liberal who thinks outside the box. I don't tend to take sides in politics, because in the end they're all damn liars, but Stossel made a pretty good point a few days ago, and the point was this: If everyone had guns, the world would be a lot safer. It does sound crazy, because when people think of guns they usually think of danger, death, DESTRUCTION.

But if you really think about it, it's the complete opposite. Take what happened at columbine for example, that could have occured differently if guns were allowed to all/most sane students. Two angry and probably pissed off kids walk into a school and begin shooting students. What if, say, just 3 out of however many kids were in that school had a gun on them? They would have been able to stop the two killers most likely, right? Even if they couldn't stop them, they sure as hell would have had a better chance with a gun, which none of them had because it's illegal to own one at that age.
(Hell, I guess let the teachers have 'em then) 
This is the problem ladies and gentlmen. The two jackasses who went rampant through Columbine High, shooting and killing kids werent allowed to own guns either, but they possessed them anyway, and used them. So lets think about this for a second eh? Two kids with anger issues get ahold of guns illegally, and then shoot up a high school. Yet the government looks at that and goes, "oh geez guns are really dangerous, see why kids shouldnt have them at that age?" What they should be thinking is "fuck, why dont we give guns to a good, SANE percentage of the students, that way if two fuckers come in another school again, the innocent kids will have the upper hand, not the crazy kids with mental problems."

No offense, but police are completely useless in these situations. They can't go in the school and save the day, because theres hostages. They can't reason with the two lunatics, because...they're lunatics! So really someone inside the school would have to take action, right? I'd say give the guns to the most mature students in the school and they would be required to take CCW classes. Or at least give a gun or two to the teachers, again they would be evaluated so you're not giving a gun to a crazy person.

Usually people who kill other people are cowards. They want to get it done and over with, with as little struggle as possible. So this means if a potential murderer say, wanted to kill you, they would think twice if they saw a gun on you, correct? Why do you think you rarely ever see someone fighting a police officer? They have guns, and guns can be very dangerous.

So I ask you, would it be safer to have more guns, or less?


Friday, September 3, 2010

Movie Review: Law Abiding Citizen

So possibly one of the best movies on earth. This movie tells the tale of a man who's family was brutally murdered by two sick bastards. This man, Clyde Shelton, like most normal people went to the courts searching for justice for his murdered wife and young daughter. But unfortunetely there was not much justice to be found, and the real murderer gets off scott-free. So, furious with how the justice system had failed him and his family, he began to plot revenge and take matters into his own hands. If you haven't seen the movie, you really should consider doing so. 5 stars from me.
Actors playing in this fabulous production are:
Jamie Foxx
Gerard Butler (SPARTA)
Colm Meaney

The film was directed by none other than F. Gary Gray.

Like I said, you need to see this movie if you haven't yet. You won't regret it. AND, if you happen to regret it, then I'll have to say now you have absolutely no tastes, and you should be annihilated.

This has been a Big Mc review, thanks for viewing.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trailer Park Boys

Some of you may or may not know of the great series "Trailer Park Boys". A series featuring some characters such as Ricky, Bubbles, Julian, Mr. Lahey, Randy, etc. A beloved television series shared by Canada, the U.S., and probably more. They've come out with two fantastic movies, "Count Down to Liquor Day" and "Trailer Park Boys the Movie". I must say, in order to play such stupid out of control characters these actors must be very talented people. Kudos to them all, especially Mr. Lahey (John Dunsworth) who usually has to play a drunken trailer park supervisor, which im sure isnt a piece of cake. So those of you who have never heard of it here's the DL.

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.
Director: Mike Clattenburg
Point of Series: None

Taking place in Nova Scotia, this fabulous series pokes fun at the crazy Canadians and their funny accents. Words like "aboot" instead of "about", the way they spell "center" "centre", and other funny stuff Canadians tend to do. (I can poke fun since I happen to be from Canada, without feeling too terrible.) Unfortunetly they have stopped making new episodes of Trailer Park Boys, and it's pretty upsetting. By far the funniest series I have ever watched, it's very random and unexpected. Thankfully the boys, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are still touring around making people everywhere laugh their asses off. Mr. Lahey and Randy also do they're own bits around at bars, legions, and other places of their choosing. Basically whereever theres liquor and cheeseburgers. So if these guys are still touring around, why the hell am I not watching brand new episodes of TPB's? Why? Please Mike, bring back the boys so everyone can enjoy TPB once again.

Starcraft 2

The much anticipated game of the year was released not too long ago. I myself am a dedicated player of SC2 and I've got to say it's a huge improvement. Blizzard changed many of the concepts but kept a lot the same as well, so that SC1 players wouldn't be completely lost. Blizzard changed some hot keys and at the same time left some the same. Many new units and strategies are being created and implemented by vet players and noobies alike. Not to mention Blizzard went over the top in graphics, I personally have to play on low just so I don't lag out in the loading screen - ouch. With all of SC2's great improvements there is one thing Blizzard failed to put in which I think everyone can agree on. Replays. What the hell happened with the replays? I remember in SC1 I could show my replays to anyone I damn well pleased, but now no one can view it but myself. Pretty lame. Hopefully they'll come out with a patch which lets you and friends view epic replays of legendary battles. If not, shame on you Blizzard, shame on you. Either way SC2 has been the topic of blogs all across the world-wide web. I myself believe Blizzard did the right thing with having everything online, that way they can add new shit whenever they pleased. Another great concept in SC2 is the new chat system. Oh buddy, when I saw that I could barely contain myself. It's like a built in MSN, I love it. You can even add people from facebook which I think is really cool, not to mention useful and convenient. Excellent game all around, and it'll keep all us Blizzard lovers busy until Diablo III comes out. Thumbs up for SC2.

Disturbed's New Album

Disturbed's new album is finally here. I just got it today and I'm already in love. As David Draiman said in an interview earlier yesterday, "it is as rhythmic and melodic as anything we have ever put out". Disturbed managed to change the music but not so much that it was completely different from their earlier works. In fact in many ways it's similar, but it has a certain "zazz" to it now, defiently more melodic in my opinion. Great songs like "The Animal" fits Disturbed's ...well, disturbing personality. It starts out with some strange noises as if you're on a space ship, then some heavy drumming followed by some demonic and animal-like growls. A perfect start to a perfect song. "And now we both shall dine in hell tonight" 300 Spartans anyone? Another big hit that has been playing on stations like 89x is "Another Way to Die", which basically says that we as human beings are screwing up the planet with oil spills, nuclear explosions, etc. Very powerful and moving song as well as melodic. Very pleased with how this album turned out and hope to hear more from them in the future. Long live Disturbed!

Marijuana, weed, pot, - Overrated?

We must ask ourselves, is marijuana overrated? I think most people can agree that it is, especially in America. Why is it illegal anyway? Why should marijuana be illegal while cigarettes, alcohol, salvia, and K2 incense is being sold legally? All these things are more deadly to the human body than marijuana will ever be. So why does the government STILL have marijuana illegal? I don't know how many times I have heard of  drunk driving accidents on the news. Let's see, when was the last time anyone heard of an accident caused under the influence of marijuana? Never. In fact the truth is, marijuana cures more than it hurts, not to mention that it hasnt been proven that marijuana itself causes cancer. But cigarettes have been known to cause cancer, yet it's still being sold at every gas station in the United States. I think the government is slowly legalizing it, starting in California because they don't like to be wrong about things. *cough* the prohibition of alcohol *cough*. That didnt work, it caused even more trouble. And it doesnt work for marijuana either, and it causes more crime because its illegal. Prohibition just doesnt work, it's useless. Think about it. The government makes marijuana illegal, then people grow and sell it for profit. Well who are these people? Criminals right? So the government makes the plant illegal, gives money to criminals, or "criminals", so, aren't they causing crime? Not the smartest thing I've heard. If pot was legal, the economy would sky rocket into an entire new era. So why would the government want to prevent that from happening? What do you think?