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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Disturbed's New Album

Disturbed's new album is finally here. I just got it today and I'm already in love. As David Draiman said in an interview earlier yesterday, "it is as rhythmic and melodic as anything we have ever put out". Disturbed managed to change the music but not so much that it was completely different from their earlier works. In fact in many ways it's similar, but it has a certain "zazz" to it now, defiently more melodic in my opinion. Great songs like "The Animal" fits Disturbed's ...well, disturbing personality. It starts out with some strange noises as if you're on a space ship, then some heavy drumming followed by some demonic and animal-like growls. A perfect start to a perfect song. "And now we both shall dine in hell tonight" 300 Spartans anyone? Another big hit that has been playing on stations like 89x is "Another Way to Die", which basically says that we as human beings are screwing up the planet with oil spills, nuclear explosions, etc. Very powerful and moving song as well as melodic. Very pleased with how this album turned out and hope to hear more from them in the future. Long live Disturbed!

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