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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Game Review - Mafia II

So the new Mafia game has been released not too long ago. It's your typical GTA/Saints Row game where you go around doing things you would never do in reality, well, unless you were in the Mafia I guess. Anyway I've got to say, im pretty fucking disapointed in this game. For 60 bucks I'd say it wasnt really worth it. Not to mention the poor customer service I received, but thats something different entirely.

On to the disapointments:


For a fairly-new game, I was expecting something a little better for fighting. Hell, I liked Godfather II's fighting way better, or even Assasin's Creed. But in Mafia 2 the fighting consists of dodge, 3 light punches, 2 hard punches, and then finishes. (And what they consider countering). So basically DODGE, PUNCH PUNCH, DODGE, PUNCH PUNCH. Lame. Very disapointed in the developer's choice of fighting. I wish more games could be like San Andreas where you can go to different martial arts facilities and train and do cool kicks and shit. Much better alternative than DODGE, PUNCH PUNCH.

Possibly the lamest concept. If a guy runs from you, it is extremely difficult to chase him down and beat him up. Actually, I found this to be impossible. And get this, if you hit a lady the cops immediately come and beat the fuck out of you. That's the 50's for you.  Although, I will say citizens have good conversations, city life is pretty hyped up, especially night life.

=**Map, terrain, etc**=

The map is considerably large, probably nothing compared to say...Oblivion, but few games do measure up to map sizes that large. Except maybe Morrowind...anyway, off topic. So the terrain is also good, and a lot of things are destructable which is very cool. In some cases you may shoot through walls and windows, etc.


You can't buy houses in the game. As you go up the Mafia rank you get better and better places to live. The things you can do in the house are limited though. You may turn on the radio, go to sleep, turn lights on and off, turn on the faucet, open the window, flush the toilet, etc. You may also go into the fridge and have a choice of cola, beer, or sandwhiches. You can open up your closet and change you clothes, oh and I forgot you can also turn on your shower. I think the beverages and food mix up a bit, not totally sure though.


Basically the same in any other GTA-like-game.

=**Story Line**=

Those of you who like a good story line, this game is for you. Although it's a typical mob type scene. I could predict a lot of the things that would happen, but I really did enjoy the story line. The game starts out in winter where you come back from the war in Italy where you were stationed, fighting Germans. (SPOILER ALERT) You actually get to play in the war as a soldier for a while, kill a few nazis, ya know. The usual. I thought this was pretty cool.(SPOILER ALERT OVER) Some nice christmas music when you come back from the war, winter time. Eventually winter ends after a few things that I will not mention due to more spoiler alerts.

The game could be A LOT better than it turned out, but it isnt entirely terrible. There are some good concepts in it, it only depends on which concepts you like best.


Thank you.