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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Marijuana, weed, pot, - Overrated?

We must ask ourselves, is marijuana overrated? I think most people can agree that it is, especially in America. Why is it illegal anyway? Why should marijuana be illegal while cigarettes, alcohol, salvia, and K2 incense is being sold legally? All these things are more deadly to the human body than marijuana will ever be. So why does the government STILL have marijuana illegal? I don't know how many times I have heard of  drunk driving accidents on the news. Let's see, when was the last time anyone heard of an accident caused under the influence of marijuana? Never. In fact the truth is, marijuana cures more than it hurts, not to mention that it hasnt been proven that marijuana itself causes cancer. But cigarettes have been known to cause cancer, yet it's still being sold at every gas station in the United States. I think the government is slowly legalizing it, starting in California because they don't like to be wrong about things. *cough* the prohibition of alcohol *cough*. That didnt work, it caused even more trouble. And it doesnt work for marijuana either, and it causes more crime because its illegal. Prohibition just doesnt work, it's useless. Think about it. The government makes marijuana illegal, then people grow and sell it for profit. Well who are these people? Criminals right? So the government makes the plant illegal, gives money to criminals, or "criminals", so, aren't they causing crime? Not the smartest thing I've heard. If pot was legal, the economy would sky rocket into an entire new era. So why would the government want to prevent that from happening? What do you think?