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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Guns Dont Kill People - People Kill People, With Guns!

Besides the insane title and probably even crazier picture I have a very real discussion to...discuss. I've been watching a lot of Stossel lately, and for those of you who don't know him, he's a liberal who thinks outside the box. I don't tend to take sides in politics, because in the end they're all damn liars, but Stossel made a pretty good point a few days ago, and the point was this: If everyone had guns, the world would be a lot safer. It does sound crazy, because when people think of guns they usually think of danger, death, DESTRUCTION.

But if you really think about it, it's the complete opposite. Take what happened at columbine for example, that could have occured differently if guns were allowed to all/most sane students. Two angry and probably pissed off kids walk into a school and begin shooting students. What if, say, just 3 out of however many kids were in that school had a gun on them? They would have been able to stop the two killers most likely, right? Even if they couldn't stop them, they sure as hell would have had a better chance with a gun, which none of them had because it's illegal to own one at that age.
(Hell, I guess let the teachers have 'em then) 
This is the problem ladies and gentlmen. The two jackasses who went rampant through Columbine High, shooting and killing kids werent allowed to own guns either, but they possessed them anyway, and used them. So lets think about this for a second eh? Two kids with anger issues get ahold of guns illegally, and then shoot up a high school. Yet the government looks at that and goes, "oh geez guns are really dangerous, see why kids shouldnt have them at that age?" What they should be thinking is "fuck, why dont we give guns to a good, SANE percentage of the students, that way if two fuckers come in another school again, the innocent kids will have the upper hand, not the crazy kids with mental problems."

No offense, but police are completely useless in these situations. They can't go in the school and save the day, because theres hostages. They can't reason with the two lunatics, because...they're lunatics! So really someone inside the school would have to take action, right? I'd say give the guns to the most mature students in the school and they would be required to take CCW classes. Or at least give a gun or two to the teachers, again they would be evaluated so you're not giving a gun to a crazy person.

Usually people who kill other people are cowards. They want to get it done and over with, with as little struggle as possible. So this means if a potential murderer say, wanted to kill you, they would think twice if they saw a gun on you, correct? Why do you think you rarely ever see someone fighting a police officer? They have guns, and guns can be very dangerous.

So I ask you, would it be safer to have more guns, or less?



  1. I'm not a big gun person myself, but my family is.
    I would feel safer though if i possessed a gun for emergency situations.
    The knowledge that everyone has a gun could very well decrease gun crimes, but it could also cause gun crimes to become more violent. :D

  2. LOL cookie monster FTW awesome post!!

  3. When people think of everyone having guns, they think of the "Wild West." But, in fact, the Wild West was a lot safer than we think. Everyone knew everybody else had a gun. So, there were no shooting sprees because the moment some idiot shot someone, they were almost immediately shot themselves.

  4. blew my mind

  5. If students were allowed to possess weapons, I am sure the killers at Columbine would have been stopped a lot earlier...

    But how many more "Columbines" would we be hearing about on the news if all students had guns? How often do students lose their tempers and hit each other? Sure they would hesitate from shooting (when they wouldn't for hitting) more often than not. But sometimes they wouldn't. And those sometimes would add up to nearly monthly, or weekly, columbines.

    The problem is, though these students didn't get their guns legally, they got them from people who did. They used semi-automatic weapons that have no place for even hunting. What's the point in anyone owning these weapons. Ban them!