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Thursday, February 17, 2011

SeaWorld = ShitWorld

Mmm...everyone loves SeaWorld. Except everyone. Those of you who do not know, SeaWorld is "famous" for being a fun place, I did not find this to be true when I visited earlier this month. Not to mention their whale, Shamu, along with other whales before him have killed trainers.

If you're thinking on going to SeaWorld, I advise you think again. Its the shittiest place on Earth, next to Ohio and Detroit city. Here is why SeaWorld sucks complete ass:

  • The first show was with the dolphins. The dolphins did some tricks I've seen 1000 times on the commercials, so that was nothing new and pretty boring.
  • Fillers. They have a bunch of bullshit fillers. For example, dolphins start doing tricks for about 3 minutes, then randomly there's people on wires in bird costumes flying around and jumping in water. Then back to dolphins. What the fuck do birds have to do with SeaWorld?
  • The next show sucked even more than the dolphins, this one was with the whales. First of all, Shamu wasn't there (they probably slaughtered him).
  • The whales did even shittier tricks. Bursting out of the water, then back down. Whatever.
  • More fillers for the whales, some short movie about "believing" in ... well no one knows. Then they asked some "random" kid in the crowd what he wanted to be as an adult, and the kid replyed "a whale trainer".
  • A bunch of dramatic music started while showing pictures of the previous stupid short movie they made. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING...

Now I dont know this for positive, but I believe the only time the animals really eat is when they are performing their tricks. I would call this a form of torture. I could be completely wrong, but I get a dark feeling from that place.

What I'm trying to say is simply,

Fuck SeaWorld.

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